Enriching your outdoor space 🐱

All cats need daily activity and stimulation for their wellbeing and behavioural maturity. Be sure to add enrichment items to your cat’s space allowing them to scratch, perch up high and relax throughout the day.

Our Skywalks enrichment items provide the perfect solutions to satisfy these needs. Made from durable outdoor materials, they are perfect for both indoors and for using within an enclosed outdoor space.

The many uses of Cat Netting

Cat Proof your Balcony

Cat Proof your ledge with high-quality cat netting from our range, allowing your cat to safely enjoy some fresh air and sunlight. Our cat netting is designed to provide UV resistance, low visibility, and benefits to cats, ensuring that your furry friend stays safe and comfortable.


Cat window proofing

Concerned about high rise syndrome and prefer your cat does not venture onto your balcony? Our cat netting can be secured onto window frames to keep your can safely indoors.


Enclose your Garden or Patio

Looking to give your cats a full run of your garden or patio area while keeping them safe and secure? Our cat netting solution allows you to easily enclose a section of your garden or the entire space with minimal hassle.

Garden or Patio
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Enrich your Cat's Life.

Looking to add some special items for your furry friends to call their own? Our Skywalks enrichment items provide the perfect space for your cats to play, nap, and relax. Shop now and give your cats the ultimate experience.

Cat Accessories