Cat Proof Your Home​

High rise syndrome is a real risk, whether you live on the second storey or the twentieth. ​
Cat proof your home now to keep your cat safe against falls, other cats and diseases, and road accidents. ​
Catnets netting is durable and UV treated, allowing you to open your windows with peace of peace of mind. ​
Save on installation – Our DIY materials mean you can buy as little or as much netting as you need and can install the netting yourself!


Why Do Cat Owners Choose Us?
Here Are the Reasons Why

We asked our best customers and these are the things they keep saying…

Customise Your Space

Choose from a range of netting sizes to suit your space or order a custom length with our by-the-metre option.​

Keep your furry baby safe

Our cat netting is ideal for backyards, patios and balconies, providing a safe space where your cats can enjoy the outdoors without the risk or falling or getting lost.

Simple and flexible

Our products are easy to install and maintain, so you can spend less time worrying about your cats' safety and more time enjoying their company.

The many uses of Cat Netting

Cat Proof your Balcony

Cat Proof your ledge with high-quality cat netting from our range, allowing your cat to safely enjoy some fresh air and sunlight. Our cat netting is designed to provide UV resistance, low visibility, and benefits to cats, ensuring that your furry friend stays safe and comfortable.


Cat window proofing

Concerned about high rise syndrome and prefer your cat does not venture onto your balcony? Our cat netting can be secured onto window frames to keep your can safely indoors.


Enclose your Garden or Patio

Looking to give your cats a full run of your garden or patio area while keeping them safe and secure? Our cat netting solution allows you to easily enclose a section of your garden or the entire space with minimal hassle.

Garden or Patio
Catnets SKYWALKS Cat Climbing System Skywalks Cat Hammock - Wall Mounted

Enrich your Cat's Life.

Looking to add some special items for your furry friends to call their own? Our Skywalks enrichment items provide the perfect space for your cats to play, nap, and relax. Shop now and give your cats the ultimate experience.

Cat Accessories

Benefits of Enclosing Your Cat: Keep Your Feline Friends Safe and Happy!

1. One Happy Cat
Let your cat soak up some sun! Keeping your cat outdoors in an enclosed area or on an enclosed balcony will keep them safe, stimulated and happy, and will also keep your neighbours happy. Catnets also has a range of outdoor enrichment items to keep your cat stimulated in the fresh air.

2. Avoiding Injury
By allowing your cat to roam around the neighborhood, there are many threats that you are exposing it to. Keep your cat safe and reduce the risk of your cat getting into fights with other cats, becoming lost, diseases, being hit by a vehicle or falling from heights.

3. Reduced Vet Bills
With a safer outdoor environment you can promote more exercise and reduce other environmental threats to your cat, reducing your vet bills and increasing your cat’s wellbeing.

4. Quality Time
Enjoying the outdoors with your cat can be a healthy experience for the both of you. Spend quality time outdoors within the enclosure, and be sure to enrich your cat’s environment by adding climbing and scratching accessories to satisfy its natural instincts.