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Catnets Go-Slow Bowl

Go-Slow Bowl

The Go-Slow Bowl is designed to slow down the speed your cat or dog eats to manage overeating, indigestion, and vomiting. Over time, it will also help teach healthier eating...
Havapet Ezy-Eat Cat Bowl

Ezy-Eat Cat Bowl

The Ezy-Eat Cat Bowl is elevated and designed on an angle to provide better access for your cat. The ergonomic design reduces stress on your cat’s neck and assists with...
Cat Harness with Vest

Cat Harness with Vest

From $22.00
Keeping your cat contained at home in an outdoor cat run or enclosure is critical to help keep it protected while allowing it to spend time outdoors in a safe...
Havapet Pet Carriers & Crates Backpack Cat Carrier

Backpack Cat Carrier

Whether it be a visit to the vet, a trip to the park, or something more adventurous, travelling with your cat has never been easier. Featuring side, top and front...
Catnets Expandable Pet Carrier

Expandable Pet Carrier

This Pet Carrier expands on both sides, providing a spacious and comfortable way to transport your cat (or other small animal) around. With front and top access, you can effortlessly...
Havapet Cat Beds Pet Cube

Pet Cube

This 2-in-1 Pet Cube has a waterproof outer coating and is designed for use outdoors, providing a private hiding and sleeping space for cats, small dogs, rabbits and other small...
Havapet Cat Furniture Accessories Cat Play Tunnel

Cat Play Tunnel

Capture your cat’s attention and feed its desire for adventure with this fun play tunnel.  With a peephole through the top and a hanging pom pom at the end of...
Havapet Cat Furniture Accessories Travel Pet Mat

Travel Pet Mat

Large enough for you and your pet, this roll up mat is a convenient and super comfortable must have accessory to enjoy time outdoors with your beloved pet. Perfect for...
Havapet Cat Beds Cozy Cat Bed

Cozy Cat Bed

Is your cat constantly looking for a cozy and safe space to sleep? The Cozy Cat Bed is designed with a folding canopy to provide a sheltered and secure sleeping...