Cat Netting Samples

Not sure which product is right for you?

Catnets offers a range of netting types to suit your needs. 

We have been supplying cat netting worldwide for over 10 years and understand the importance of quality and safety. 

Our netting is different to other cat netting available in the market and offers superior properties, including: 

  • 19mm x 19mm square mesh size – safe for your cat and birds
  • Pre-stretched with heat-strengthened knots – will not sag or stretch over time
  • 9 ply high density polyethylene material (Premium netting also includes a strand of stainless steel)
  • UV treated – to last in the harshest sun

We understand you still may be unsure about the strength or even just the colour. To alleviate those concerns and assist in your purchasing decision we are now offering free samples* of our netting and paw guard material for your convenience.

Samples are limited to one type per customer 
Free standard shipping within Singapore
Sample swatch size is 30cm x 30cm 

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