Catnets Enclosure Accessories Premium Shade Sail to suit all Freestanding Cat Enclosures
Catnets Enclosure Accessories Premium Shade Sail to suit all Freestanding Cat Enclosures

Premium Shade Sail to suit all Freestanding Cat Enclosures


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Our 1.8m shade sails are made of Shade Cloth material, and lined around the perimeter with a Heavy Duty Seatbelt webbing material.

You can fit it according to your environment, either as a full roof, OR as a half-roof half-wall type of setup.

It has Velcro attachments and is simple to install in minutes.

This premium square shaped shade works well when installed on top of our "cat hammock".

1.8m Wide x 1.8m Long - for our 1.8m Cat Enclosures.


Customer Reviews

Based on 118 reviews
Sue Partridge
Buttons' Safe Place

Buttons is an outdoor cat who loves to find safe spaces to stay. She decided to live under a neighbour's house. Buttons came home regularly for her food abd some smooching.The hubby thought she was lovely and befriended her. The wife disagreed. I told them to discourage her. They didn't. End result was that I had to keep Buttons as an inside cat. She was ok but peed on the carpet constantly. I went to the SPCA to look at re-homing her, with my heart breaking. They suggested a catio. She's happy and comfortable and the catio is awesome. Thank you,!

Nick S.
Premium Shade Sail: Cat Comfort Essential

Catnets’ premium shade sail is a must-have for outdoor cat enthusiasts! Its durable build and easy installation provide optimal sun protection, ensuring your feline friends can enjoy the outdoors safely and stylishly. Highly recommended for a purrfect outdoor experience!


Good and covers well

Love it

I foster cats/kittens. It gives me great joy watching them run jump and play in this enclosure. I’m very happy with it. The sail keeps these little guys from the ravages of summer


Great product as expected, was able to assemble with 1 person (2 are recommended), so took longer than they say. But got it done.
Cats still getting used to it. But nice being able to put the outside and not have to worry about them running on to fairly busy road. Outside house.
Don't know why people seem to treat roads as racetracks.

Highly recommend 👌